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“A Christmas Carol”
Featuring Kim Tenreiro

A One Man, Two Act Play

Benefitting Historic Gates Hall
Sunday, November 27, 2022
Gates Hall
4107 Lake Road, Pultneyville, NY

Adults $20
Under 18 $10

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 If you missed a program you may borrow the DVD by calling the W-PHS House at 315-589-9892 and leaving a message or you may e-mail peridot@rakedsouthgarden.

June 2017: Reenactment of Women’s Suffrage Association of Wayne County, Aug. 2017: First Person Introduction to the Burned Over District, May 2018:The Heart of the Bennetts – an original drama, June 2018: The History of the Williamson Hardware


 The Annual Meeting of the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society will be held Wednesday, November 2, 2022, at 7pm at historic Gates Hall, 4107 Lake Road, Pultneyville, NY, at which time the election of officers will take place.   The Slate of Candidates to date, includes Lou Martino for election to the office of Treasurer for a two year term.  In accordance with the By-Laws, nominations from the floor by members present in good standing may be accepted.

 As attached, revisions to the By-Laws will be presented to the general membership for approval.  The meeting will also include a celebration of the Society’s accomplishments over the last year and a continuous loop slide show presentation.

Nanette P. Hance, President

Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society

WPHS By-Laws Proposed Revisions Annual Meeting 11.02.22

Lou Martino – Candidate for Treasurer


2022 Board Meetings

All meetings at Gates Hall at 4pm on:
 February 28, March 28, April 25, May 23, June 27, August 29, September 26, October 24, November 28

(No meetings in January, July, and December)


Since its inception in 1964, the society’s mission has been to gather and disseminate information concerning the history the of the town of Williamson, Wayne County New York, in general and the unincorporated hamlet of Pultneyville in particular. Williamson, was established February 20, 1802 and named for Captain Charles Williamson the land agent originally selected to develop the land. which was part of the Phelps-Gorham purchase. In 1806, the settlement now known as Pultneyville was developed by Jacob Hallet a land agent for the “Pulteney Estate”.

Located in the historic district in the hamlet of Pultnyville, the Society owns and manages 3 properties: the Society house at 4130 Mill Street, Centennial Park in the center of Pultneyville and Gates Hall across the street from the park. Gates Hall, built in 1825 by the community has been the venue for many historic events, including talks on religion, slavery, and women’s rights as well as preparing supplies for the Civil War. Used for 150 years of theater and known as the second littlest theater in the United States, it is on the national register of historic places.

War of 1812 Peace Garden

Peace Gardens are dedicated at historic sites in the Great Lakes region of the United States and Canada. War of 1812 Bicentennial Peace Gardens celebrate the two hundred years of peace and longstanding friendship between the two countries that share the world’s longest undefended boarder. Visit the Pultneyville Bicentennial War of 1812 Peace Garden, dedicated in 2012, as an Honorary International Peace Garden. Situated on the grounds of the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society, at 4130 Mill Street in Pultneyville, it has a view of the hamlet and the charming harbor on Lake Ontario just across the street.

Walk among approximately 1,000 square feet of trees, bushes, and plantings of ferns, hosta, daylilies, peonies, rhododendrons and other shrubs and perennials. The sunny garden has many perennials that provide continuous bloom throughout the growing season including beautiful roses, hydrangea, astilbe, daylilies, foxglove, sweet william, phlox and more. Also integrated throughout are mature trees including magnolia, pear, Italian chestnut, maples, and oak. Take a walk down one of the two stone paths which go through the garden that has benches for relaxing and enjoying the view of an old capstan from a ship that sailed out of Pultneyville .

Local restaurants and restroom facilities are available.


To start tour Get the Map

To start tour Get the Map

Featured Exhibits

Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1:00 PM to 4:PM from 3rd weekend in June through Columbus day and by appointment.

Captain Throop

Horatio Nelson Throop, pictured above with his dog Jeppa, is believed to be the first person born in Pultneyville. His father, Samuel, was a seasoned saltwater sailor and Horatio carried on the family tradition as ship builder and captain of both schooners and steamships. Throop experimented with wind driven machinery and screw propellers in the 1830’s.

The exhibit displays prototypes he made for his experiments, half hull models of his ships and cabin doors that saved his life when his ship Sophia sunk in 1827. Captain Throop was also an active participant in the Underground Railroad transporting fugitive slaves from Pultneyville to Canada. The Magic, completed in the 1880’s and shown below was Throop’s last ship.

St. Peter

In 1898, the three-masted lake schooner St. Peter sank on a dark and stormy night coming to her final resting place in 110′ of water off Fairbanks Point near Pultneyville, NY. Captain Griffin set sail for Toledo, Ohio reaching almost to the Niagara River when a fierce storm was encountered. Griffin tried unsuccessfully to outrun the storm by turning his boat about and running back down the lake in an easterly direction. All hands including Griffin’s wife were lost except for Griffin.

Seventy-three years later, the St.Peter was located by a local scuba diver and from 1971 through 1974 many diving expeditions were completed resulting in retrieval of well preserved artifacts from the schooner. This exhibit, accompanied by an under water videotape of the ship, displays artifacts retrieved from diving expeditions. New York State has designated the Society permanent custodian of St. Peter’s artifacts.

Additional Exhibits

There are no upcoming events.

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All basic levels of membership have the following benefits: 6 newsletters per year, free programs and exhibits. Sustainers will also receive 2 free Gatesinger Play tickets and Benefactors will have one complimentary use of Gates Hall per year approved by the Society.

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The Society also offers two business membership levels: Business Friend and Business Benefactor. All business categories receive 6 newsletters per year, free programs and exhibits, business card advertising in newsletters, listing on the Society’s website and a Business Member window cling. Business Benefactors will have one complimentary use of Gates Hall per year approved by the Society.

Membership dues cover the period from January 1st to December 31st each year.  

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Contributions to defray the many costs associated with the maintenance and improvements of the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society (W-PHS) home at 4130 Mill Street, Gates Hall and Centennial Park are always welcome. Thank you in advance for your continued support of W-PHS efforts to preserve these historically significant properties.

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Unlike other Societies of our size who frequently have paid staff, all functions of the Williamson-Pultneyville Historical Society are carried out by members who volunteer their time and talent. The Board of Trustees, consisting of the Society’s officers and committee chairs meets monthly to review and plan activities. The committee structure within the Society provides the organizational “arms and legs” to accomplish meeting the Society’s goals each year.

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Williamson Pultneyville Historical Society
4130 Mill Street, PO Box 92, Pultneyville, NY, 14538. Telephone (315) 589-9892

Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM from 3rd weekend in June through Columbus Day weekend.